South Africa’s most independent cartoonist.

To draw cartoons and not get fired.

Drawn in 2010, this cartoon was never completed because I realised that no editor will ever publish it.

That’s my goal.

Pretty progressive, hey?

I have loads (and receive loads) of wonderful cartoon ideas that nobody will ever publish.

Regular support provides the financial incentive to draw such cartoons so that politically correct types can have a glorious meltdown.

You’ll get something in return.

It’s only R50 per month. (That’s less than two cappuccinos at the coffee shop where I write my material.)

As support continues to grow, my reliance on corporate clients diminishes.

In return:

  • You interact directly with me via an exclusive Telegram group. (Telegram is like WhatsApp, but better.) The group is called Alt-Write and we share ideas, cartoons, news, and anything else that can make satire great again.

  • Furthermore, if I use your idea (which does happen), then your name gets added next to my signature, and a personally signed copy of the cartoon printed on box-mounted canvas, gets couriered to your door.

  • You can join in exclusive live streams including Q&As; watching me draw cartoons; and so on.

  • You get automatic access to Nothing Left.

After becoming a supporter, you will receive an email with an invitation to join Alt-Write.

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Political correctness is the oppression of our intellectual movement, so no-one says anything anymore in case somebody else gets offended.
— Steve Hughes