3 books that will turn you into a far right racist

Following on from 5 books that will turn you into an alt-right bigot and 5 books that will turn you into a white supremacist, I will now give you three books that will turn you into a far right racist.

These days, anybody who disagrees with a leftie is “far right”.

And also a racist.

True story.

3 books that will turn you into a far right racist.

The Virtue Of Nationalism


This excellent book, by Yoram Hazony, details why nationalism appears to be a natural human leaning, as evidenced throughout history, and why it appears to be rising globally.

Not statism, though, as many incorrectly believe. Statism is when the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.

Talking points from Donald Trump's "America First" politics, to Brexit, to the rise of the right in Europe, forces debates around international governments versus sovereign nations and self-determination.

To simply pigeonhole all of this as “racist”, a common theme on the left, is profoundly shallow. For example, Zulus who celebrate and preserve their national heritage and culture, do so for numerous reasons unrelated to race.


Edmund Burke wrote this in 1790. He was a political theorist and philosopher, serving as a member of the British parliament.

In a nutshell, he wasn’t down with the French Revolution.

What makes this book superb is, not only the history, but its relevance to modernity. Mob mentality abounds in politics and on social media, for example, at the expense of rational thought. Change is good, but mobocracy is dangerous.

Of course, rational thought made Edmund Burke a far right racist.

This isn’t an easy read, so I’d recommend taking your time.


I’m not a fan of democracy. And neither is Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

He argues, very convincingly. that democratic rule has been a step backward rather than a step forward, as everybody blindly believes.

In fact, Hoppe argues that, while imperfect, monarchy is a lesser evil than democracy. And he refers extensively to historical accounts.

If you’re a leftie, then you’ll undoubtedly skip over this book because you reject intellectual stimulation, leaving the reading to the rest of us far right racists.

This read will challenge your preconceptions. I recommend it.

Congrats! Now you’re a far right racist!

I will continue my “turn you into” book recommendation series using the ‘books’ tag.

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