3 books that will turn you into an ethnonationalist scumbag

Following my previous book recommendation posts, a few people have accused me of shilling Amazon books so that I can make money through their affiliate programme.

Nope. Look again. I am neither an affiliate nor do I make any money from Amazon. I create the links to make the books easier to find. In fact, I often link to Goodreads because of their great book reviews.

Anyway. Whatever.

3 books that will turn you into an ethnonationalist scumbag.

Why Liberalism Failed


Patrick Deneen presents a fascinating argument around liberalism being a failed ideology just like fascism and communism, and not dissimilar to the latter two, is equally politically (and morally) bankrupt.

Liberalism champions equality while fostering inequality. Liberalism celebrates individual autonomy, but has given rise to the most widespread statist creep in human history.

Liberalism is at war with itself.

I’m not wild about Patrick’s economic ideas, but his takedown of liberalism’s inherent flaws, which form part of its architecture, is legendary.

Barack Obama apparently enjoyed this book, so perhaps it isn’t a good book after all.

Africa: A Biography Of The Continent


I’m not yet done with this book, but I certainly can tell you that it’s worth reading even if, like most leftists, you don’t care about Africa. (Well, most leftists do care about Africa, but only in the meta sense.)

John Reader begins at the geographical formation of the continent millions of years ago, and travels all the way through time from the evolution of the first humans and population growth, to mass migrations, to slavery and colonialism, to political and economic catastrophes that abound across Africa.

Simply blaming white people for the latter is ridiculously stupid.

Africa is my home continent, so ethnonationalist scumbags like me are naturally inclined to try understand it better.



Katie Hopkins is hated by the mainstream media and evangelical left, which automatically deems this book worthy of your time.

It’s an autobiography and it’s hilarious, definitely not for the easily offended. For example, there’s a chapter on vaginas and why it’s brilliant to throw them into random conversations.

Look, it’s just a fun read to be taken with a pinch of salt, centred around Katie’s life and failed marriages and fake news and sex in fields.

Of course, it’s a bit dark in places, but that’s the nature of the autobiographical beast.

And since she’s frequently labelled a ‘racist bigot’ by progressives, I recommend Rude for any young and aspiring ethnonationalist scumbag.

This post was meant to have included four books, but I ran out of time.

Not a problem. I’ll just have to continue my book recommendation series!