5 books that will turn you into a white supremacist

Following on from my post, 5 books that will turn you into an alt-right bigot, here is the second in my book recommendation series.

This is obviously for people new to the white supremacy game, and would like to upgrade their alt-right status. Being labelled “alt-right” is very 2018. What’s fashionable right now, is “white supremacist”.

When somebody classifies you as a “white supremacist”, you have mastered the boss level.

5 books that will turn you into a white supremacist

Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius was emperor of Rome during the 2nd century, and was one of the last emperors known to have governed Rome with authority, humanity, and competence.

He was also a white supremacist because he had a white skin and thought critically.

This isn’t a book that you read once and forget about. It is philosophical in nature and should be viewed as a journey. In fact, because it’s a collection of his diary entries, it was never intended to be a book.


The Art Of Thinking Clearly

Do you think clearly?

No. You don’t.

Humans are largely driven by emotions which skew rational thought, and aren’t conscious of irrationality for the most part. After all, it’s always the other person who is illogical, right?

Except for white supremacists. We think clearly.

Especially after reading this superb book outlining logical fallacies in our everyday lives.

Why We Get Fat

Gary Taubes is an award-winning journalist with a scientific focus on nutrition and diet.

We white supremacists tend to prefer healthy and fit physiques to obese and diabetic physiques. And, as it turns out, I prefer having sex with a woman who won’t suffocate me when she’s on top. Win-win!

Which is why this rather fat book brilliantly breaks apart everything the government has told us over the last few decades.

There’s a lot of data included, so take your time with this one.


The Richest Man In Babylon

This is one of my favourite books of all time.

Written by George Clason nearly one hundred years ago, it’s a wonderfully simple and elegant story of how the ancient Babylonians discovered the secrets to prosperity.

Despite being fiction, The Richest Man In Babylon contains many pearls of financial wisdom that will appear obvious, yet quickly overlooked because people are determined to complicate everything, for some reason.

The Case For Trump

This book will immediately send lefties into a tailspin, and it’s very entertaining to watch.

Naturally, anything you say that’s favourable towards him, means that you are a white supremacist. Excellent.

Award-winning historian, Victor Davis Hanson, explains how Trump - a businessman with no political or military experience - beat sixteen well-qualified Republican rivals; a Democrat who spent nearly one billion dollars on her campaigning; and a hostile media.

I love seeing chaos in the system, and his presidential win was exactly that.


Many of us in the alternative media space saw it coming, primarily because we’re more attuned to reality than the mainstream media. I actually predicted Trump’s victory nine months before he won, in a cartoon published by TechCentral. (Not blowing my own trumpet, but I’m just noting that no other South African mainstream cartoonist made the prediction before I did.)

Donald Trump tweeted his way to the White House. It was a superb strategy.

You’ll thank me later.

If you read these five books, then you will reap the benefits of your newfound white supremacy. You’ll even be able to use it as a party trick.

Because independent thought is no longer tolerated by modern liberals.