An orthodox Zulu Jew who loves freedom and prosperity

Big Daddy Liberty - sometimes known by his real name, Sihle Ngobese - is one of the most hated black individuals on Twitter.

Well, hated by “black Twitter”, that is.

If you want to know why, then I’d suggest watching last night’s episode of Jerm Warfare. In a nutshell, Big Daddy Liberty is an orthodox Zulu Jew who loves freedom, prosperity, rule of law, and guns.

Which automatically makes him a superb guest before the show even starts.

Watch the live stream.

And if you’ve not subscribed to the Jerm Warfare podcast, then please do so!

It’s available on both Android and iOS in most of the popular podcast apps.

Big Daddy has his own YouTube show to which you should subscribe.

Spreading good ideas is what he does, and he is quite brilliant at it.