Anika Rossle says that women must shoot guns and stop being victims

Last night’s Jerm Warfare ‘Extra’ was very impromptu, and it was great fun!

Anika Rossle is a lawyer and sits on the legal council of Gun Owners South Africa. She loves shooting guns and believes that women should learn to defend themselves instead of blaming men and waiting for the government to protect them. (The SAPS literally stated that they can’t fulfill their mandate to protect citizens.)

I’ve been saying that too, the last few days, and I’ve been labelled a ‘sexist’ and ‘rape apologist’ and whatever else. In fact, one person - a man, no less - even said that, because I am not a woman, I am prohibited from having an opinion on women’s safety.


As it turns out, Anika - who is a woman - agrees with me.

Actually, most women I know agree with me, including my wife and just about every sane person I’ve met.

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