I'm changing the way I share cartoons

Making newsletters great again.

My (politically incorrect) newsletter is becoming my most important communication tool. You’d think that social media is where it’s at, but you’d think wrong.

Sure, Twitter and Facebook are great platforms for sharing content, but they also like suspending people for not towing the line. I’ve been suspended multiple times. It’s annoying.

It’s also crippling.

Cartoons will appear first in my newsletter.

Traditionally, social media sees my latest cartoons first. (I’m referring to cartoons shared by me; not my clients.) This is usually followed up with some of them appearing in my newsletter a few days later.

I am switching this around.

From now on, the newsletter will see my latest cartoons first, followed up with some of them appearing on social media a few days later.

In other words, subscribe to my newsletter!

Plus, I’ll be giving away stuff in the very near future, like personally signed cartoons and goodies from Jerm Warfare sponsors (such as wine).

As a caveat, I will probably send out a newsletter a bit more frequently. Currently, it’s weekly.

See you in your inbox!

I want people to be allowed to make jokes about, and discuss, anything they want. I don’t think people should be ostracized for doing so.
— Milo Yiannopoulos