My cartoon love for the NHI

I love the NHI.

Actually, I don’t.

Well, I do, but only in the abstract.

It provides me with material and an income.

The reality, however, is that the National Health Insurance is going to bankrupt not just South Africans, but the South African economy. Credit rating downgrades will hit us as quickly as a right-hook from Floyd Mayweather. Poor people will suffer the most, as is always the case.

Over the last week and a bit, I’ve drawn a series of NHI-related cartoons. I will draw more soon. (If you want to be the first to see my upcoming NHI cartoons, then please subscribe to my newsletter. They might not appear online.)

NHI cartoons.

I really enjoyed drawing them!

And I hope that my ideological position is made succinctly.

If not, then perhaps you should call it a day.