New website and blog!

I am back.

It’s been many years since I last blogged.

But now I have a new website and am inspired to share thoughts that are longer than Twitter’s one-paragraph limit. And Facebook suspends my account so often; it’s quite annoying.

New URL?

My website’s home is currently changing from to The former will simply redirect to the latter, so typing “” won’t cause any problems. The reason is multilayered but, in a nutshell, I wanted a domain that is more descriptive and less localised.

Plans with this blog.

Don’t expect me to be “balanced”.

I am not balanced.

Instead, I am guided by my own set of values which some people deem to be unbalanced or “radical”. For example, I think that expropriation without compensation is theft and will not help black people. Or, for example, nobody should be criminalised for speech.

I’ll discuss those, and more, in future blog posts.

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See you soon!