Ivo Vegter versus climate change and plastic straws

This is the first official Jerm Warfare podcast!

As Murphy and his ridiculous law would have it, the live stream - from where the podcast comes - was plagued with gremlins.

Nevertheless, we soldiered on.

My guest is Ivo Vegter and the Daily Maverick, for whom he writes, describes him as follows:

Ivo Vegter is a columnist and the author of Extreme Environment, a book on environmental exaggeration and how it harms emerging economies. He writes on this and many other matters, from the perspective of individual liberty and free markets.

Give it a listen.

And if you want to watch the stuttery live stream, then here it is (split into two parts).

In this week’s battle of ideas, Ivo drops some bombs on climate change hysteria; attacks the paper straw brigade; snipes annoying anti-frackers; and shoots a few bullets at hippies who claim that nuclear power is scary.

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