Rouen Heiberg on mass shootings and manly guns

This was a bonus episode of Jerm Warfare because of the recent mass shootings in the United States.

Rouen Heiberg is a board member of Gun Owners South Africa, a gun rights lobby group of which I am a member, and he joined me in a conversation about:

  • mass shootings and what we think causes them (since nobody knows);

  • how to get a gun legally;

  • how many firearms you may own;

  • what to do in a threatening situation;

  • will you go to jail if you defend yourself with somebody’s else’s gun;

  • and, most importantly, what is the manliest gun.

Rouen believes strongly in being well-trained and calm, but never to pull out your gun unless you absolutely have to. He argues that you should always try escape a dangerous situation instead of being a cowboy.

I think that’s excellent advice.

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