Here's why I'm a climate change denier

Apparently, being sceptical of anything related to climate change, or global warming, or whatever it’s labelled now, is a bad idea.

We keep getting told that 97% of climate scientists agree; that there is a worldwide “consensus” and that you and I are directly responsible for the rise in temperature and the floods and the hurricanes and everything that’s catastrophic.

The climate changes four times a year, as this newsreader suggests.

And that’s all fine and well. After all, I draw cartoons for a living, and scientists know more about science than I do.

However, asking questions should never be suppressed.

To be clear, I’m down with the aforementioned scientific consensus. For now.

(I have to write that in big letters because critical thinking is not tolerated by the left. )

Because I’m also down with scepticism. Scepticism leads to interrogation of the facts and can lead to updated conclusions. For example, half a century ago, the United States government sanctioned smoking; doctors recommended cigarettes to patients. Thanks to scepticism (which prompted testing of hypotheses), doctors no longer recommend cigarettes to patients..

People should not be taxed for getting electricity from the sun.

My issue with the climate change narrative is not about whether or not humans are affecting the climate, and to what degree. That’s for the scientists to figure out. And I’m not in the hoax camp either, because conspiracy theories tend to grant far too much intelligence to those involved.

My issue is about whether or not the government should interfere.

The government should not interfere.

At all.

The government is incapable of running the country efficiently and in the best interests of the population. I am not convinced that the government is capable of securing a prosperous and safe future, let alone “saving the planet”. (Which is an arrogant and stupid concept anyway, since the planet hasn’t needed saving for 4.5 billion years.)

This means that:

  • citizens should not be taxed for their “carbon footprint”;

  • education is more efficient than taxation;

  • and environmental challenges are best left to private individuals and private organisations.

The government has a history of, you know, war and oppression and theft and corruption and lies.

And that is why I am a climate change denier.

Because blindly trusting the government to know what’s best for my future and yours, is - according to the left - climate change denial.