During 2018 I decided that I wanted to start a show in which we debate ideas. 

It’s nothing new.

But the mainstream (and social) media have become increasingly intolerant towards independent thought, silencing and mislabelling those with alternative opinions. Even many of my fellow cartoonists - the supposed bastions of irreverence - are consumed by populism and groupthink.

So, a few friends and I did some conceptualising; received some crowdfunding; lined up some guests; and a few months later our four-member team was ready to record the first episode of Jerm Warfare: The Battle Of Ideas.

The name was taken from the title of my first book.

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Creating the show is costly and time-consuming. We have no advertising and no income stream. As a result, our goal is to produce at least one good quality episode per month.

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Meet the Jerm Warfare team!

There are four core members. Please watch the accompanying video for our fun introductions.

  • Jandre: sound and studio management

  • Jaycee: cameras, makeup, and studio design

  • aquahelix’: offline / online editor, final mix, and direction

  • Jerm: writer and host


The first episode features Helen Zille, former leader of South Africa’s official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA).

In my opinion, despite her mistakes, Helen was the greatest South African leader since the end of apartheid. Under her administration, the party grew considerably.

Here is the Youtube link.


Pieter Groenewald is the leader of the Freedom Front Plus (FF+), a South African political party focused on minority rights. His party has enjoyed consistent and loyal support since the 90s, and experienced a healthy spike in the 2019 national election.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. So much so, in fact, that we went overtime and one of the cameras ran out of storage!

Here is the YouTube link.