During 2018 I decided that I wanted to start a show in which guests and I discuss politically incorrect ideas. 

The mainstream (and social) media have become increasingly intolerant towards independent thought, silencing and mislabelling those with alternative opinions. Even many of my fellow cartoonists - the supposed bastions of irreverence - are consumed by self-destructive groupthink.

The name ‘Jerm Warfare’ was taken from the title of my first book (published in 2013).

Jerm Warfare: The Battle Of Ideas.

It began as a monthly in-studio production. A couple of episodes were recorded, but I wasn’t happy with the direction in which the show was heading. While the four-member team did an incredible job, everything felt a bit too bloated and scripted.

I wrote a slightly lengthier blog post about it.

After spending some time back at the drawing board, I relaunched Jerm Warfare as a weekly live stream.

Here are the two in-studio episodes.

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The live stream is every Monday, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2).

Big Daddy Liberty

Sihle Ngobese, also known as Big Daddy Liberty, is a gun-loving orthodox Zulu Jew who travels around South Africa to promote individual freedom, prosperity, rule of law, and all things anti-left.

He is hated by progressives and “black Twitter” because, apparently, black people are meant to all think alike. (Which, of course, is in no way racist.)

Big Daddy Liberty is politically incorrect and brilliant.

Gavin McInnes

Gavin is the founder of Vice magazine, and is hated by the left, feminists, and everybody in between. He is also brilliantly funny and banned from Twitter and Facebook.

I caught up with Gavin while he was holidaying with his family. We discussed Trump, progressivism, punk rock, Cape Town’s lack of water, and South African farm murders. Gavin also pondered about South Africa’s future.

Rouen Heiberg

Rouen sits on the board of Gun Owners South Africa, a gun rights lobby group of which I am a member.

My position on firearms is clear.

We had a frank discussion about mass shootings and why we think they occur (since nobody actually knows); as well as how to apply for a gun; the number of guns you may own; what to do in threatening situations; and what the manliest gun is.

Helen Zille

Helen Zille is the former - and highly successful - leader of South Africa’s official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, between 2007 and 2015. After retiring from the party in 2019, Helen joined the Institute Of Race Relations (IRR) as a senior policy fellow.

In this episode we chatted about identity politics, culture wars, racism, secession, and the gloomy future of South Africa.

Ivo Vegter

Ivo Vegter is a Daily Maverick columnist and author of Extreme Environment, a book on environmental exaggeration and how it harms emerging economies. He writes on this and many other matters, from the perspective of individual liberty and free markets.

Unfortunately, as Murphy and his stupid law would have it, this (first) live stream was met with a series of technical glitches. As such, the episode is split into two videos, the second of which is available here.

Coming up on Jerm Warfare…

Ernst Roets

26 August, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2)

Ernst is the deputy CEO of AfriForum and probably gets called more names than I get called. We will chat about liberalism, conservatism, Afrikaans culture, minority rights, and what all of it means in the modern era.

Rob Hutchinson

2 Sep, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2)

Rob is a co-founder of OUTA, sitting on the board until he left a few years ago due to internal financial irregularities with which he was concerned. Rob’s online platform, Dear SA, is a highly effective tool for the public to intervene in governmental decisions. Dear SA is also a sponsor of Jerm Warfare.

Rowan Polovin

9 Sep, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2)

Rowan Polovin is a provincial head of the South African Zionist Federation, an organisation lobbying for the existence and protection of Israel, as well as pushing back against the increasingly anti-Israel sentiment in the mainstream media.

Joost Strydom

16 Sep, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2)

Joost is part of the committee overseeing Orania, an Afrikaans town hated by the mainstream media and, well, most people (mainly because of misinformation). I am looking forward to chatting about this little self-governing enclave.

Mark Sargent

23 Sep, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2)

I still don’t know whether or not these people are for real, but Mark has a show on Netflix and seems legit. I am, of course, speaking about flat-Earth believers. Seriously, you’ll want to watch this one!

Mark Oppenheimer

30 Sep, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2)

Mark is an advocate who wins important legal cases surrounding freedom of expression. We will obviously chat about free speech, censorship, and so on.

Susan Lombaard

7 Oct, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2)

Susan is the editor of South Africa’s largest online Afrikaans news source, Maroela Media, for whom I have been happily drawing since 2016. We will chat about fake news, mainstream media versus alt-media, and all things related to news in the modern era.

Christopher Monckton

14 Oct, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2)

Commonly known as Lord Monckton, he is a British journalist, mathematician, former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, UKIP political candidate, and climate change sceptic. We will chat mostly about climate change.

Theo de Jager

21 Oct, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2)

Theo is a farmer in Limpopo, and head of SAAI (Southern African Agri Initiative). He knows all about what it’s like to be under constant threat of being murdered and having his farm taken away from him.

Tjeerd Royaards

28 Oct, 8pm - 9pm (GMT +2)

In 2015, Tjeerd - an excellent Dutch cartoonist - flew to South Africa and road-tripped with me to the Grahamstown Festival at which we spoke to a full auditorium about satire locally and internationally.

 Every episode of Jerm Warfare is converted into a podcast.

Searchable in most podcast apps on Android and Apple, it’s simply an audio version of the live stream, available a day or two later.


Jerm Warfare costs money to produce.

I mean, sure, I can keep expenses low by ignoring attention to detail, but I don’t celebrate mediocrity. I’m not a leftie.


We’re living in an era in which everybody gets offended by everything. Too many people choose to be miserable and outraged all the time. As a result, debate is stifled and ideas don’t spread. How do we fix things if we aren’t allowed to express our thoughts?

Jerm Warfare is about rejecting all of that.

And it comes at a price.

Like recording equipment, getting guests, faster internet, production and outsourcing, and so on.

Enter the Alt-Write, a group of individuals who believe in Jerm Warfare and want to support it via a small monthly contribution of R50.

After joining, you will receive an email with access to our exclusive Telegram group, inside which the inner circle resides. It’s like a secret society, but with emojis instead of a handshake. You’ll love it.

Forget about the SABC. This is the right thing to do.